Founded in 1997 by David Mellina and Jack Larson, our primary mission is to maintain the highest level of personalized legal service, delivered in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our commitment to excellence is our foremost concern, and we are continually developing and evaluating enhanced methods and systems to further advance this overall objective.

Clients And Representative Projects

The firm represents a broad range of individuals, public and private companies and financial institutions and foundations, including real estate developers, manufacturing and wholesaling companies, retail companies, art galleries and other business concerns and ventures. The firm’s practice focuses on complex and sophisticated commercial transactions. A representative list of some of the clients we represent is included in the Representative Clients section of this site.

Commitment To Delivery Of Legal Services

We believe that the delivery of sophisticated legal services in a cost effective manner requires a careful blend and balancing of systems, procedures, attorney expertise and other resources. Our attorneys represent a diverse range of expertise, education and background. Two of our attorneys are also Certified Public Accountants with strong backgrounds in accounting and financial analysis, thereby complementing our ability to deliver sophisticated commercial and business legal services.

To maintain the highest and most efficient standards of professional service, we draw upon the knowledge and experience of each of our attorneys to address a client’s particular needs. We understand and appreciate that our clients expect individual and prompt attention from knowledgeable attorneys. While all of our attorneys serve as resources for the firm’s clients, those attorneys experienced in the applicable areas of law take primary responsibility for tasks relating to those areas. Our years of experience managing and coordinating multi-staffed, complex commercial transactions have given us extensive skills in accomplishing these objectives.

While a complete working knowledge of applicable legal issues is obviously of foremost importance in assuring the delivery of quality legal services, we believe that each client is best served by attorneys who also understand and appreciate the dynamics of the client’s business operations and the client’s particular business philosophy and goals. This enables the attorney to better assist the client in responding quickly to time-sensitive opportunities or potential risks from a business as well as a legal perspective.